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Results Night

Live coverage from the final night of the Guild Elections period

Elections Update

Live at 10am

The two hosts will be talking to the current Officer Team about important issues surrounding the campaigning and voting process. Our reporters will explore political issues surrounding the Guild Elections and keep us up to date with events happening around campus.

Key Dates

The main events of Guild Elections
27th February - Campaigning begins
27th February - VPAD Hustings
28th February - Banner Drop
1st March - Presidential Debate
3rd March - Voting opens
4th March - VPS & President Hustings
7th March - Voting closes
8th March - Results Night

Presidential Debate

Live coverage from the Presidential Debate in Guild Council Chambers

Campaigning begins

By Lucy Moseley

Campaigning for this year's Guild Elections began on Wednesday as candidates gathered at Mermaid Square for the drop of the banner that would mark the opening of the Guild Elections 2014.

As cameras were positioned waiting to cover the event, it emerged that due to a last-minute approval of a third Vice President (Education) candidate on Tuesday night, the dropping of the banner was to be postponed until 10am on Friday.

Despite this initial issue, the candidates posed for a photo in Mermaid Square before the official start of campaigning was marked by a countdown. Campaign teams cheered and they then dispersed, clothed in painted t-shirts and armed with makeshift signs to transform the university campus into an array of coloured cardboard.

In just a few hours, trees, barriers and the library were covered with campaigning material

Aside from the main Edgbaston campus, candidates targeted the Vale in an attempt to gain first-year votes. The route from the Vale to campus was strewn with slogans with pleas to vote. In just a few hours, trees, barriers and the library were covered with campaigning material.

As the cardboard banners filled Chancellor's Courtyard, candidates were out on the ground campaigning and speaking to students. They also did lecture shout-outs and launched their social media campaigns.

The five presidential candidates include current President Poppy Wilkinson, third year Archaeology student George Derbyshire, second year Political Science student Edward Sainsbury, War Studies student Maximilian Shapiro and third year Social Policy student Benjamin Puusta. All of these candidates will be taking part in a Presidential Debate on Saturday 1st March in the Guild Council Chambers which is open to all students - the event begins at 7pm.

The Sabbatical Candidates

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Help! What are the Guild Elections?

During the Guild Elections, you'll be electing 7 full time Sabbatical Officers, students who have graduated or are taking a year out to fulfil the position. The candidates you elect will have a manifesto of goals which they aim to complete during their twelve months in office. There are also 12 non-sabbatical positions open during the Guild Elections that are fulfilled by current students alongside their degree.


The Guild Officer Team will represent you and your opinions to your school, the University and the wider community.

£4.3 million

The officers you vote in will lead the Guild of Students, a charity with an annual turnover of £4.3 million, in providing value, fun, support and representation to you as students.

University Life

Successful candidates will have the chance to work towards improving your life at University, whether that is your education, experience in the Guild, or your time at home.
Illustrations by Anita Baumgärtner